Eco-friendly euphoria is currently engulfing the community with a number of actions carried out in their respective neighborhoods. In addition to recycling waste, changing the method of cleaning the house is also one of the easiest ways to be more environmentally friendly. Materials already available at home can be used to clean almost any furniture as a solution for Eco Friendly Cleaning. You can use the ingredients you normally use for cooking such as lemon and baking soda powder-when cleaning the house.

While using environmentally friendly products does not mean you should throw away all the branded clean-up products you buy from the store. You can use it together with natural ingredients. Here are some examples of environmentally friendly materials and how they are used.

Lemon or lime: The content of oil in lemon and lime is very effective at cleaning fat stains and refreshing smell in your home. Combine a few drops of lemon juice into hot water, then use to soak the pan and frying pan after testing it first in a small section.

Vinegar: White vinegar is a powerful green product used throughout the house to clean almost any item. In addition to cleaning pots, vinegar can also be poured into the toilet to remove lime crust, and effectively remove stains on the carpet-especially permanent ink stains and spice stains that do not disappear with only water. Vinegar is also powerful to eradicate mold on the bathroom wall. As always test first in a small area before applying it to the entire surface.

Soda baking powder: Potent baking soda powder absorbs liquids and gasses. If you spill a drink on the carpet sprinkle baking soda powder to absorb the liquid from the carpet. This material can then be cleaned from the carpet easily using a spoon, broom, or a vacuum cleaner. Another very practical and helpful eco-friendly tip is to place a powder of baking soda at the bottom of the refrigerator to absorb the odor of the refrigerator.