As time goes by the police number not only functions as a vehicle but also as a lifestyle that shows the identity of the owner of the vehicle license plate. Unlike the general police number consisting of three parts covering the area code, the police number, and the area end code, the police number of choice like this can usually be ordered in accordance with the wishes of the owner whose cost plate of the beautiful police number will also be different from the usual price.

The beautiful number plate can be a combination of letters and numbers that make up its name, a number that refers to the birth ladder of the owner, even a number showing unique codes with two or three characters. Because of the different looks are many who later mentioned that the car or motor with a number plate like this is said to have a beautiful number.

There are not a few people who are willing to spend more money to be able to obtain the license plate number of vehicles in accordance with their wishes. The reason is because the day is actually even more demanded the replacement of the license plate number of beautiful into a business that is promising so that this opportunity was exploited right by the business in the automotive world. Then, how is actually the tariff for the good numbers of the license plate for cars and motorcycles?

For the tariffs of the beautiful number plate car and motorcycle itself, it is actually a distinct advantage for the government. New car or motorcycle buyers are sometimes offered to have a beautiful number plate that is an option from a dealer where the consumer buys it.

Usually, the marketing side of the dealer will directly provide an offer to the consumer whether to use regular license plate or special license plate. With the offer, many who end up paying more for choosing to use a beautiful license plate for different reasons, of course, even though the actual tariff plates beautiful car and motorcycle number is not cheap.