‘Drinking and Driving’ (driving after an alcoholic drink) has even been a major factor in causing road accidents. No matter you drive on a lonely road, highway, especially in crowded urban streets, driving under the influence of alcohol is very dangerous and prohibited by the Act. For those of you who have DUI case, you can contact Drunk Defense Lawyers.

Campaign about the ban to consume alcoholic beverages while driving was already intensively done. However, a study conducted shows that the trend of dangerous behaviour when driving is still done by a majority of drivers and tend to ignore the safety aspect.

Based on data from a survey conducted in the United States (US), as many as 94% of respondents know the danger of consuming more than three glasses of alcohol before driving. There are also respondents who think that drinking one or two drinks of alcohol before driving open the potential for accidents. Most Americans say, driving after consuming dangerous alcoholic beverages. As many as 37 percents of the respondents said they were still driving for a short distance after drinking three glasses of alcohol.