With so many blogs and websites that teach about SEO, maybe many of the readers think that SEO is easy to learn and easy to apply. It may even exist among all readers who have an online store then start doing SEO for an online store, which in this case could endanger the online store. To avoid bad thing happen, you can use pagesatu.com services. Here’s the thing to know that SEO cannot be done carelessly:

– SEO must be done continuously
There is no technique where you can do SEO just once and you can enjoy the results for life. SEO is a technique that must be done continuously, or your SEO score will be defeated by SEO scores of other websites that do it regularly.

– Blackhat = banned from Google
If there is an SEO technique that Google thinks is the Blackhat SEO technique, Google will punish the website. The harshest punishment from Google is removing the website from Google search results. Very unfortunate if it happens to you just because you do not know that the technique is prohibited by Google, then your online store visitors decreased drastically, is not it?