Creating interesting and effective lawn signs is a mandatory thing that must be observed because one of the requirements in making a layout for such signs is to captivate the interest of the audience in a flash. Here are some things that should be noted in making the design concept draft for law signs:

1. Simple Design or Layout

A simplified design to be the layout actually has a more compelling message because it will make it easier for audiences to be interested in and remember the sign. You also have to have a clear and brief expression about the idea that you want to project to the sign.

2. Compact and Solid Words

You can take advantage of short words, short, solid, clear and meaningful. Thus, you should not use words that are too long because people usually only take a few seconds to take a look at a sign, especially if your target market audience is in a position to move as fast as possible like on the freeway.

3. Letters and large text

If the goal of your sign is to be seen as far as possible, then you need to make sure that all the words on the sign are in a thick and bold type of fonts that can make it easy to read from afar.

4. Drawings

You might also use large images to attract the reader’s eyes to your advertisement ads. For example, 1 or 2 large car images will look better than 10 small car pictures. It is better to highlight small objects such as jewelry that are displayed in a large format rather than displaying a large object such as a home that is displayed in a small size format.

5. Color Contrast

Color is also very important role in designing the sign. It is recommended to use colors with high contrast as it is one of the keys to good legibility.