There are a lot of kinds of research studies but not all of them can be applied forever. The reason is because there are some of them which use research studies that have been advanced by the theories of similar kinds of researchers. One of the kinds of studies which can be applied until now is the comparative study or research as there are still many organizations focusing on conducting this kind of researches such as CIES2016 which stands for The Comparative and International Education Society. Thus, if you want to conduct a research, you might consider conducting a comparative research.

If you are also interested in conducting this research, there are several basic things that you need to know about it before you can actually conduct it. Some of the things will be discussed below.

Nature of Comparative Research

Comparative research is “ex ost facto”, meaning data collected after the event in question occurs. Expost fackto is a systematic empirical study in which the researcher does not control the independent variable directly because the embodiment of the variable has occurred or because the variable is basically cannot be manipulated. Researchers do not treat in comparing and looking for causal relationships between the variables. Researchers are only looking for one or more consequences and test it by retracing the past to find the causes, possible relationships, and meanings. This study tends to use quantitative data.

The Framework of Comparative Research Theory

In the framework of the theory of comparative research, it uses a theory framework that is deductive. Where the framework provides information that starts from a specified estimate or speculative thought toward the data to be explained.

Hypothesis of Comparative Research

The hypothesis in comparative research uses comparative hypothesis. The comparative hypothesis is a temporary answer to the formulation of the comparative problem, in this formula the variables are the same but the population or sample are different, or the circumstances that occur at different times.