In the mid-19th century, the popularity of Carrot Cake began to be known to the people of Great Britain. The atmosphere of World War II did not dampen the spirit of British society to make Carrot cake as a spare time snack. Meanwhile, in the United States, Carrot Cake is newly known and easily found in restaurants and cafes in the early 1960s. Until now, it has finally been selected as the most favorite cake in the UK. That is why you can find this cake in a lot of bakeries in your city like the Publix Bakery, for example.

The early use of carrots in the manufacture of a carrot cake is a substitute for sugar that was then very expensive price. It is because carrots are widely available and have much more sweeteners than other vegetables. Bit fruits can also be made as an alternative to sugar substitute. However, carrots are selected because it is easy to be obtained. That is how carrot cakes are invented.