There are several different types of solid gold that can you buy to be your investment. At least, one of the types, then, will be explained in the following. For further information, you might check out on the website of money metals exchange.

Gold Coins

Historic coins, particularly pre-1933 typically, have the highest value because they have a historical value other than the value of the gold itself. Examples of historic gold coins are not sold at too high a value exceeds the price of gold because it contains 90 percent of gold is the British Sovereign, British Guinea, Escudo Spain, 20 and 40 francs French, 20 Swiss francs, and the Eagles (10 dollars), half- Eagles (5 dollars), and Double Eagles (20 dollars) United.

Sovereign British and American Eagle Gold Coins is an exception with a gold content of 91.66 percent or 22 Karat. Other gold coins include the Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, South African Krugerrand who started the investment industry of gold coins and the Austrian Philharmonic 24 Karat.