When you hear the word search engine may be the first thought on your mind is Google. Indeed at this time, google is still a search engine that is most often used by the user when needing an information. In addition to Google, in fact, there are many more search engines that can be used to obtain various information. Utilizing the user habits of using search engines, eating more and more business actors are beginning to use search engines to market their products or services, either by using AdWords, or trying to optimize their website to appear on the first page of search engines with fort lauderdale seo. When someone decides to do SEO on his website, the first thing to do is determine the keywords that will be used.

Keyword itself is a word or set of words that are made to provide information to search engine robots about the content of a website or information on the website. Keywords that will be used must be tailored to the content in the website. Do not use keywords that are not related to the content of the website only with the aim that the website always appears every time the user typed various keywords. Also specify also the target market to be addressed. As the name implies, these short keywords are short-sized keywords, usually consisting of only 1 to 2 words. It usually consists of 3 words or more and includes rarely used by the user. The low level of popularity makes this type of keyword has a low level of competition, other than that the visitors who come to the website will be more targeted because they are looking for information about the website.