Okay, you already know that there are health issues linked to overweight. If then say that health matter becomes your main reason take queima de 48 horas, it would be better to firstly know what cause weight gain and overweight in a worse case. For sure that you can keep on your weight, it is very important to stay away from factors cause overweight, so you will not make the same mistakes as you do in the past.

1. Food and activity
2. Environment
3. Genetics
4. Health conditions and medications
5. Stress, depression, and poor sleep

By knowing what could lead you to overweight, you will have the reason and motivation to change your lifestyle and habit then, right? No matter how many pounds of weight you want to get rid of, choosing the right method that would not harm your health is a must to do. Give us a call if you have the interest in trying out our best product.